500mg HPMC capsules.

2 capsules 2x per day

Lions Mane: Protect against dementia,reduce anxiety and depression,repair nerve damage.
Chaga: lowers cholesterol, supports immune function, slows cancer growth, reduces blood pressure, detoxifier.
Turkey Tail: Prebiotic balancing gut microbiome, fights viral and bacterial infections, boosts immune system improving overall health.
Cordyceps: Stimulates immune system, fights fatigue, anti aeging, boosting energy levels and heart health, neuroprotective. Maitaike: Reduces cholesterol, boosts cardiovascular system, lowers risk of heart disease, tumour necrosis properties.
Reishi: reduce chronic fatigue boosting energy, boosts immune system, fights free radical damage, improves memory and focus, anti allergy.
Shiitake: Promotes heart health, reduce prostate cancer risk, boosts immune system, improves skin and bone health.
Oyster: Blood sugar and blood pressure control, boost immunity, anti oxidant and anti inflammatory, builds strong bones and protects against neurodegenerative disease.


60, 120

8 Mushroom Blend

500mg HPMC capsules.

Potential benefits:
Boosts brain function and supports nervous system.
Supports heart and cardiovascular system.
Boosts immune system and fights infection.
Fights allergies and supports detoxification.
Fights cronic inflammation, balances blood sugar and cholesterol.
Balances hormones and boost exercise performance.
Rich source of nutrients and antioxidants, vitamin D and B vitamins.