500mg HPMC capsules.

A complex blend to target prostate and urologic conditions. Reducing inflamation, stimulating urinary tract function and boosting energy. Pygeum and Saw Palmetto with Plant based Beta-sitosterol and quercetin.


60, 120

Male Prostate and Urology Support

500mg HPMC capsules.

2 capsules 2x per day

Saw Palmetto: Boosts testosterone and improves prostate health, reduce inflammation and enhance urinary tract function, improve hair quality and prevent hair loss.
Pygeum Africanum: Used to treat urinary problems, increases prostatic and seminal fluid secretions, support optimum leavels of testosterone, reduce testicular inflammation, and helps to shrink an enlarged prostate.
Bitter Kola Nut: Enhances and stimulates energy levels, reduces inflammation, reverse erectile impotence.
Pumpkin Seed: Rich in essential minerals and vitamins, boosts testosterone and sexual function, prevents prostate disease.
Juniper Berry: Fights kidney infections and UTI’s, helps digestive issues and stimulates energy.
Nettle: increases bioavailability of testosterone, facilitates urinary function during prostate disease and reduces night time need to urinate.