500mg HPMC capsules.

Our 9 Ether Selection has been created using organic alkaline herbs, that are approved by the infamous ‘Dr Sebi’.

A healthy state of energy requires a specific combination and ratio of nutrients to promote optimum metabolic function of organs.

Disease is generally linked to acidification, which leads to a break down of these natural chemical processes.

Our herbal combinations seek to bring balance within the body and aid in its restoration, function and healing.

These herbs work best with an alkaline plant based diet. It is also important to drink around a gallon of water due to the diuretic properties of the herbs: this will help take pressure off the kidney’s excretion process.


60, 120


Yohimbe: Supports libido, helps reverse erectile impotence
Damiana: Supports testosterone balance, relaxes anxiety, strengthens sexual organs.
Sensitiva: Aphrodisiac, increases sexual desire
Chaparral: Addresses sexually transmitted diseases, cleans cells of the penis.

Male Support

Supports male health: Helps to balance testosterone, cleanses the penis and supports sexual desire. Facilitates elimination of disease and promotes a healthy phallus, helping to reverse erectile impotence.



9 Ether Appointment

Please book in for a consultation with our master herbalist so we can ensure there are no contraindication.

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