500mg HPMC capsules.

Potential benefits:
Boosts energy.
Strengthens the immune system.
Helps detox heavy metals.
Helps lower blood pressure.
Reduces cholesterol.
Facilitates weight loss.
Reduces chances of stroke.
Eliminates candida.
Helps to purify the blood and liver.
Improves HIV and AIDS.
Boosts metabolism and supports gut health.
Powerful anti oxidant and anti inflammatory.
Natural anti histamine and helps sinus issues.


30, 60, 90

Organic Spirulina

Spirulina is a biomass of cyanobacteria that can be consumed by humans and animals. The three species are Arthrospira platensis, A. fusiformis, and A. maxima. Cultivated worldwide, Arthrospira is used as a dietary supplement or whole food.